Being A Student-Athlete at Ancilla College
"The Ancilla College Athletic Department believes in student success first and that athletic success follows naturally. Academics are an important part of student success," explains Gene Reese, Ancilla College Athletic Director.
"We want you to succeed. We want you to get better both as a student, as an athlete, and as a person. When you have the type of nurturing support system that we offer here at Ancilla College; It makes the transition much easier. Being an advisor, I'm extremely focused on making sure that these student-athletes are taking the right courses so that they can move on to even Higher Education and make a great life for themselves off the field." Lana Singleton, Academic Advisor and Head Volleyball Coach.
"Academic Success at Ancilla College is created by our caring and supportive faculty. Secondly, having a completely undergraduate focus along with very small classes helps us serve our students better. Lastly, student access to our professors is paramount," emphasizes Scott Reese, Softball Coach. "Professors have 8 hours a week open for student appointments."

Academic Success System for All Student-Athletes

  1. Coaches meet with their players to help them register for specific classes and number of credit hours based on their high school strengths and our placement test results.
  2. Each student-athlete is monitored by weekly attendance reports.
  3. The Athletic Department has standards of excellence in number of classes that may be missed, homework assignments and grade point average expected.
  4. The Athletic Department's Academic Athletic Coordinator evaluates them.
  5. Each coach in each sport gets a list of at-risk student-athletes every week.
  6. Those students are advised on how to help their individual situation.
  7. Athletic contests are affected negatively by poor class attendance and/or poor academic performance.
  8. Bookstore Reward Dollars are given at the end of each semester for Highest Grade Point Average in each sport and Most Improved Grade Point Average in each sport. The Athletic Director's Honor Roll (3.0 GPA and above) in all sports are invited to a dinner paid for by the athletic department.
  9. There are also free tutoring sessions for all and study tables for those struggling student/athletes that want and need additional help.